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2018                     - Panuwat Suppakul, Dong Youl Kim, Jung Hwa Yang, Sang Bong Lee, Seung Ju Lee, Practical design of a                                         diffusion-type time-temperature indicator with intrinsic low temperature dependency, Journal of                                           Food Engineering

2016                     . Min Jung Kim, Hye Won Shin, Seung Ju Lee, A novel self-powered time-temperature integrator (TTI)                                           using modified biofuel cell for food quality monitoring, Food Control

                           2)  Min Jung Kim, Hye Ri Park, Seung Ju Lee, Guideline for proper usage of time temperature integrator                                           (TTI) avoiding underestimation of food deterioration in terms of temperature dependency: A case                                         with a microbial TTI and milk, Food Science and Biotechnology

2015                     1)  Seung Ju Lee, Waraporn Boonsupthip, Mathematical Modeling of Browning Induction Period in Drying                                           Onion as Influenced by Temperature, Equilibrium Relative Humidity, and Inhibitor, Drying Technology

                           2)  Seung Won Jung, A. T. M. Mijanur Rahman, Seung Ju Lee, Identification and evaluation of                                                           psychrotrophic lactic acid bacteria from imitation crab sticks to develop a microbial time                                                     temperature integrator, Food Science and Biotechnology

                           3)  Hye Jin Kim, Ji Hyun Kim, Seung Ju Lee, Wang June Kim, Young An Kwon, Kwang Won Hong, Effect of                                         Enzymatic and Ultrasonic Treatment on Reducing Sugar Production from Korean 6-row Barley                                               During Mashing, Food Engineering Progressive

                           4)  Bioconversion of tangerine residues by solid-state fermentation with Lentinus polychrous and drying                                             the final products, Nuttakan Nitayapat, Namfon Prakarnsombut, Seung Ju Lee, Waraporn                                                       Boonsupthip, LWT - Food Science and Technology

                           5)  A.T.M. Mijanur Rahman, Seung Ju Lee, Seung Won Jung, Evaluation of Time-Temperature Integrators                                           (TTIs) with Microorganism-Entrapped Microbeads Produced Using Homogenization and SPG                                                 Membrane Emulsification Techniques, Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology

                           6)  Jung Hwa Choi, Jin Won Kang, A. T. M. Mijanur Rahman, Seung Ju Lee, Increasing fermentable sugar                                         yields by high-pressure treatment during beer mashing, Journal of The Institute of Brewing

2014                     1)  Dong Yeol Choi, Seung Won Jung, Tae Jin Kim, Seung Ju Lee, A prototype of time temperature                                                   integrator (TTI) with microbeads-entrapped microorganisms maintained at a constant                                                         concentration, Journal of Food Engineering

                           2)  Dong Yeol Choi, Seung Won Jung, Dong Sun Lee, Seung Ju Lee, Fabrication and Characteristics of                                               Microbial Time Temperature Indicators from Bio-Paste Using Screen Printing Method, Packaging                                           Technology

                           3)  Bussaya Mee-ngern, Seung Ju Lee, Jinnipar Choachamnan, Waraporn Boonsupthip, Penetration of

                                       juice into rice through vacuum drying, LWT - Food Science and Technology

                           4)  Seung Ju Lee, Waraporn Boonsupthip, Physical, Chemical, and Sensory Properties of Antioxidant-                                                 Enriched Raw and Cooked Rice by Vacuum-Drying Impregnation in a Semidry State, Cereal Chemistry

                           5)  Seung Ju Lee, Waraporn Boonsupthip, Improved Temperature Homogeneity of Cake Batter and Cake                                             Quality with Reduction in Heat Conductivity of the Baking Pan at the Ends, Cereal Chemistry

                           6)  Ji Hyun Kim, Ji Hyo Kim, Eun Ji Choi, Seung Ju Lee, Young An Kwon, Kwang Won Hong, Wang June                                             Kim, Multivariate analysis for feasibility of Korean six-row barleys for beer brewing, Journal of

                                       The Institute of Brewing

                           7)  You Jin Kang, Jin Won Kang, Jung Hwa Choi, Soo Yeon Park, A. T. M. Mijanur Rahman, Seung Won                                               Jung, Seung Ju Lee, A Feasibility Study of Application of Laccase-based Time-Temperature                                                   Indicator to Kimchi Quality Control on Fermentation Process, Journal of the Korean Society for                                             Applied Biological Chemistry

2013                     1)  You Jin Kang, Seung Won Jung, Seung Ju Lee , An optimal extraction solvent and purification                                                       adsorbent to produce anthocyanins from black rice (Oryza sativa cv. Heugjinjubyeo), Food Science                                         and Biotechnology

                           2)  Min Jung Kim, Sang Gi Min, Seung Ju Lee, Virtual Simulation of Temperature Distribution throughout                                           Beef Packages with Time-temperature Indicator (TTI) Labels, Korean Journal for Food Science of                                         Animal Resources

                           3)  Eunji Kim, Dong Yeol Choi, Hyun Chul Kim, Keehyuk Kim, Seung Ju Lee, Calibrations between the                                                 variables of microbial TTI response and ground pork qualities, Meat Science

                           4)  Tae Jin Kim, Dong Yeol Choi, Ki Hong Yoon, Keehyuk Kim, Seung Ju Lee, Application of Mixture Rule

                                       to Determine Arrhenius Activation Energy of Time Temperature Integrator Using Mixture of

                                       Laccase from Pleurotus ostreatus and PEGylated Laccase from Trametes versicolor, Journal of the

                                       Korean Society for Applied Biological Chemistry

                           5)  Hye Ri Park, Yeon Ah Kim, Seung Won Jung, Hyun Chul Kim, Seung Ju Lee, Response of microbial time                                         temperature indicator to quality indices of chicken breast meat during storage, Food Science and                                         Biotechnology

                           6)  Hye Ri Park, Keehyuk Kim, Seung Ju Lee, Adjustment of Arrhenius activation energy of laccase-based                                           time–temperature integrator (TTI) using sodium azide, Food Control

                           7)  Soo Dong Shim, SeungWon Jung, Seung Ju Lee, Mathematical Evaluation of Prediction Accuracy for                                             Food Quality by Time Temperature Integrator of Intelligent Food Packaging through Virtual                                                   Experiments, Mathematical Problems in Engineering

                           8)  Ji Hyo Kim, Seung Ju Lee, Kwang Won Hong, Young An Kwon, Jong Chul Park, Wang June Kim,

                                       Characterization of Fermentation Kinetics of Beer Made of Korean 6 Row-Barley, Food Engineering


                           9)  Ji Yeon Chun, Mi Jung Choi, Seung Ju Lee, Geun Pyo Hong, Applications of Time-Temperature

                                       Integrator (TTI) as a Quality Indicator of Grounded Pork Patty, Korean Journal for food science of                                         animal resources

                          10)  A.T.M. Mijanur Rahman, Seung Won Jung, Dong Yeol Choi, Sanghoon Ko, Seung Ju Lee, Investigation                                           of the Temperature Dependence of Encapsulated Microbial Cells Based TTI by Applying a Variety

                                       of Color Parameters, Food science and biotechnology


2012                     1)  Lae Hyung Lee, Seung Ju Lee, Hyun Woo Kang, Gender Differences in the Polysomnographic Findings                                           among Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients, Korean Journal Otorhinolaryngol-Head Neck Surg

                           2)  Jin Young Han, Min Jung Kim, Soo Dong Shim, Seung Ju Lee, Application of fuzzy reasoning to                                                     prediction of beef sirloin quality using time temperature integrators (TTIs), Food Control

                           3)  Mijin Jeong, Duck Soon An, Seung Ju Lee, Dong Sun Lee, The Quality of King Oyster Mushrooms Stored

                                       with a Master Packaging System Consisting of Inner Individual Packs and an Outer Liner Bag to Be                                         Dismantled at a Retail Display, Food Science and Technology Research

                           4)  Hwan Ki Kim, Duck Soon An, Seung Ju Lee, Dong Sun Lee, Dependence of individual primary package                                           atmosphere on retail display temperature and micro-perforations in a master packaging system

                                       for chestnuts, Journal of Food Agriculture and Environment

                           5)  Yeon Ah Kim, Seung Won Jung, Hye Ri Park, Ku Young Chung, Seung Ju Lee, Application of a Prototype

                                       of Microbial Time Temperature Indicator (TTI) to the Prediction of Ground Beef Qualities during                                           Storage, Korean Journal for Food Science of Animal Resources

                           6)  Eunji Kim, Keehyuk Kim, Yeon Ah Kim, Seung Ju Lee, Potential use of natural pigments on laccase-                                             based TTI Prototype: Substrate specificities and variations in Arrhenius activation energy, Food                                             Science and Biotechnology

                           7)  Eunji Kim, Keehyuk Kim, Seung Won Jung, Ku Young Chung, Seung Ju Lee, Selection of Beef Quality                                             Factors Represented by Time-Temperature Integrator (TTI), Korean Journal for Food Science of                                           Animal Resources

                           8)  Keehyuk Kim, Eunji Kim, Seung Ju Lee, New enzymatic time–temperature integrator (TTI) that uses                                             laccase, Journal of Food Engineering

                           9)  Min Jung Kim, Seung Won Jung, Hye Ri Park, Seung Ju Lee, Selection of an optimum pH-indicator for                                           developing lactic acid bacteria-based time–temperature integrators (TTI), Journal of Food



2011                     1)  Jin Young Han, Seung Ju Lee, Mathematical modeling of off-flavor development during beef storage,                                           Meat Science

                           2)  Mijin Jeong, Duck Soon An, Seung Ju Lee, Dong Sun Lee, A master packaging system for preserving                                             strawberries in the fresh produce supply chain, Journal of Food Agriculture and Environment

                           3)  Soo Dong Shim, Seung Ju Lee, Shelf‐life prediction of perilla oil by considering the induction period of                                         lipid oxidation, Journal of Lipid Science and Technology

2010                     1)  So Youn Jung, Hyun Yul Kim, Byung Ho Nam, Sun Young Min, Seung Ju Lee, Chansung Park, Youngmee                                         Kwon, Eun A Kim, Kyoung Lan Ko, Kyung Hwan Shin, Keun Seok Lee, In Hae Park, Seeyoun Lee,

                                       Seok Won Kim, Han Sung Kang, Jungsil Ro, Worse prognosis of metaplastic breast cancer patients

                                       than other patients with triple-negative breast cancer, Breast Cancer Research and Treatment

                           2)  Jae Young Her, Chi Sung Song, Seung Ju Lee, Kwang Geun Lee, Preparation of kanamycin powder by

                                       an optimized spray freeze-drying method, Powder Technology

                           3)  Soo Dong Shim, Jae Ung Sung, Jung Young Lee, Da Sun Lee, Seon Bong Kim, Kwang Won Hong, Yang                                           Bong Lee, Seung Ju Lee, Dynamic Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis for Predicting the   

                                       Pseudomona spp. Concentration in Alaska Pollack along the Distribution Path, Korean Journal of

                                       Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

                           4)  Soo Dong Shim, Dae Uk Kim, Soo Rim An, Da Sun Lee1, Seon Bong Kim, Kwang Won Hong, Yang Bong                                         Lee, Seung Ju Lee, Using Modeling to Predict Alaska Pollack Quality during Storage, Korean                                                 Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences       

                           5)  Seung Ju Lee, Aeri Park, Moo Hyeog Im, Feasibility study on mathematically estimating food                                                       commodity intake using the limited sources of food recipes in Korea, Journal of Food Composition

                                       and Analysis

2009                    1)  Seung Ju Lee, Jin-Wuk Hur, Hyunjoon Shim, Seong Hee Lee, Hearing Loss in Patients with Rheumatoid                                          Arthritis, Korean J Otorhinolaryngol-Head Neck Surg

                           2)  Aeri Park, Seung Ju Lee, Fault tree analysis on handwashing for hygiene management, Food Control

                           3)  Aeri Park, Seung Ju Lee, A numerical approach to compute textural attributes of cooked rice by                                                   extrusion testing, Journal of Texture Studies

                           4)  Han Jo Park, Soo Dong Shim, Sang Gi Min, Seung Ju Lee, Mathematical Simulation of the Temperature                                         Dependence of Time Temperature Integrator (TTI) and Meat Qualities, Korean Journal for Food                                           Science of Animal Resources

                           5)  Ko Eun Byeon, Soo Rim An, Soo Dong Shim, Jung Young Lee, Kwang Won Hong, Sang Gi Min Seung-Ju                                         Lee, Investigation on Beef Quality Indicator of Off-Flavor Development during Storage, Korean                                             Journal for Food Science of Animal Resources

                           6)  Su Kyoung Kim, Seung Ju Lee, Rheological Properties of Cooked Noodles with Different Starch Content                                         Using Tensile Tests, Food Science and Biotechnology

                           7)  S.A. Kim, J.H. Baek, S.J. Lee, S.Y. Choi, W. Hur, S.Y. Lee, A Novel Method for Air Drying Aloe Leaf                                               Slices by Covering with Filter Papers as a Shrink-Proof Layer, Journal of Food Science

                           8)  KeeHyuk Kim, Seung Ju Lee, Effects of extrusion on κ-Carrageenan/agar mixed gel type, Journal of                                             Texture Studies

2007                    1)  S.J. Lee, Y.H. Kim, J.K. Hwang, Rheological approaches to classify the mixed gel network of κ-                                                   carrageenan/agar,  Food Science and Biotechnology

                           2)  Seung Ju Lee, M. Peleg, Imperfect squeezing flow viscosimetry with a wide plate and a shallow                                                   container, Journal of Texture Studies

                           3)  Seung Ju Lee, Myung Nam Im, Comparison of Monte Carlo simulation and fuzzy Math computation for                                         validation of summation in quantitative risk assessment, Food Science and Biotechnology

                           4)  Seung Ju Lee, Young An Kwon, Study on fuzzy reasoning application for sensory evaluation of                                                     sausages Food Control

2006                     1)  Seung Ju Lee, Ki Seob Lee, Dae Il Song, Validation of measurement of textural properties of cooked                                             noodles by extension-based cutting, Cereal Foods World

                            2)  Seung Ju Lee, M. Peleg, Direct Measurement of the Attractive Force Between Individual Cooked Rice                                            Grains of Sticky and Flaky Cultivars, Journal of Food Science

2002                     1)  Seung Ju Lee, Chang Gi Hong, Tack Su Han, Jun Young Kang, Young An Kwon, Application of fuzzy                                               control to start-up of twin screw extruder, Food Control

                            2)  Chi-Ho Lee, Jin-Kook Cho, Seung Ju Lee, Wonbang Koh, Woojoon Park, Chang Han Kim, Enhancing β-                                          Carotene Content in Asian Noodles by Adding Pumpkin Powder, Journal of Cereal Chemistry

                            3)  Seung Ju Lee, Mikyoung Rha, Wonbang Koh, Woojoon Park, Chiho Lee, Young An Kwon, Jae Kwan                                                Hwang, Measurement of Cooked Noodle Stickiness Using a Modified Instrumental Method,

                                        Journal of Cereal Chemistry

1995                      1)  Chee Sun Won, Seung Ju Lee, Ouk Han, ChulKyoon Mok, Byeong Sang Lee, Simulation of Fuzzy Logic                                            Controller for Food Extrusion Process, Korean Journal of Food Science and Technology

1994                      1)  Chee Sun Won, Seung Ju Lee, Ouk Han, ChulKyoon Mok, In-line Image Processing System for                                                      Measurement of Extrudate Thickness, Korean Journal of Food Science and Technology

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